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Amontillado Octave


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Our very first release not only marks the beginning of Barrel Beast but also stands for a unique symbiosis of the most exquisite elements of the whisky world. Smoky peat, the warm-sweet-tart taste of sherry and the excellent character of Caol Ila. In addition to this harmony of ingredients, M.A.L.T. also stands for the proud creators of this remarkable bottling.


First Fill

Oloroso Octave


Nose – As you bring the glass to your nose, you're greeted by a captivating

blend of nuttiness reminiscent of fine cheese, beautifully paired with

the rich aroma of nuts.

Palate The first sip takes you on a flavorful journey. It unfolds with the

essence of almonds, offering a delightful nuttiness. Soon after, a

subtle hint of red pepper emerges, adding a gentle heat to the

experience. Then, the taste of grapefruit and tropical fruits dances on

your palate, complemented by zesty citrus undertones. There's also a

velvety, chocolatey nuttiness that adds depth to the profile.

Finish The finish is akin to the crust of freshly baked bread, reminiscent of

the finest grain. It warms your senses and carries a touch of ginger as

it lingers, providing a satisfying conclusion to this whiskey's

delightful journey.

Character This whiskey boasts a complex profile with nutty, fruity, and zesty

notes on the palate, all wrapped up in a warming embrace of

ginger-infused, bready finish, making it a truly distinctive and

memorable sip.

Highest Quality

The basis of our releases comes only from the most sought-after distilleries. Finished with the most exquisite casks, we create true rarities.

Outstanding & Innovative Design

All our design decisions, from the packaging and labels to the materials and glasses, are truly unique. Together with our suppliers, we have managed to combine extremely high-quality design with sustainable materials (wood and imitation leather) and a good price-performance ratio.

Limited Release

Each Barrel Beast release will be a unique snapshot of distillery, cask and maturation. There will be no reproducible standard bottlings or limits of 10,000+ bottles or anything like that. We promise.


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