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Raw Sienna is a true testament to our dedication to the art of whisky making. Meticulously aged to perfection, it has developed a distinct complexity that marries the traditional techniques of our craft with a contemporary flair. Each bottle is a celebration of the skilled hands and passionate hearts that have nurtured this whisky from its inception to the moment it graces your glass.

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Nose – A tantalising blend of aromas unfolds on the first breath. The nose is wooed by an intense grapefruit scent that refreshes and invigorates the senses. This fruity vivacity is elegantly accompanied by sweet nuances of cherry fruit gum, reminiscent of carefree childhood days. A subtle breeze of dry roasted aromas adds an enticing depth.

Palate The first sip reveals an impressive explosion of flavours on the tongue. Freshly baked bread lends a pleasant softness to the whisky, which combines with the slight spiciness of ginger notes that gradually dance on the tongue. The intense grapefruit flavours from the nose continue, adding a refreshing citrus dimension. As the whisky unfolds on the tongue, a harmonious balance emerges between the fruity and spicy elements.

Finish The finish of "Raw Sienna" is long, dry and has a slight spiciness - an unforgettable journey for the palate. Strong roasted coffee notes envelop the palate with a warm intensity that gradually builds to a striking climax. The dryness of the finish highlights the ripe cherry flavours. A hint of spice and ginger lingers for a while, inviting you to let the taste of this exceptional whisky linger longer.

Character In summary, "Raw Sienna" is a whisky that orchestrates a symphony of flavors and aromas, skillfully weaving together bright citrusy notes, nostalgic sweetness, a touch of spiciness, and the rich warmth of roasted coffee. This whisky's well-balanced and multi-layered character invites connoisseurs to immerse themselves in its sensory narrative, making each sip a truly memorable and enchanting experience.

Highest Quality

The basis of our releases comes only from the most sought-after distilleries. Finished with the most exquisite casks, we create true rarities.

Outstanding & Innovative Design

All our design decisions, from the packaging and labels to the materials and glasses, are truly unique. Together with our suppliers, we have managed to combine extremely high-quality design with sustainable materials (wood and imitation leather) and a good price-performance ratio.

Limited Release

Each Barrel Beast release will be a unique snapshot of distillery, cask and maturation. There will be no reproducible standard bottlings or limits of 10,000+ bottles or anything like that. We promise.


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