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Palo Cortado Octave


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The third release of this exceptional Palo Cortado Octave Caol Ila showcases a masterful single malt of sweet and smoky elements. A harmonious marriage of flavors, including sweet sultanas, treacle, and dark chocolate, intertwined with peaty undertones, makes for an unforgettable tasting experience that culminates in a lingering finish of charred notes and peaty warmth.

tHE Myth

First Fill

Palo Cortado Octave


Nose The nose of this first fill Palo Cortado octave Caol Ila whisky is a symphony of captivating aromas. It opens with a sweetness reminiscent of a delectable Black Forest gâteau, drawing you in with layers of dark cherries and velvety chocolate. This sweetness is beautifully balanced by the presence of a sweet peat that gently wafts through, adding depth and complexity. The intertwining scents create a harmonious dance between dessert-like allure and earthy undertones.

Palate – Upon the first sip, an explosion of flavors greets the palate. The initial impression is one of hot pepper spice, which awakens the taste buds with its lively and invigorating heat. This spice subsides to reveal a luscious sweetness, akin to sweet sultanas and rich treacle. The whisky's journey across the palate is a delightful adventure, as the flavors evolve and transform. Dark chocolate emerges, intermingling with a surprising but delightful hint of juicy ham—a unique and intriguing combination that challenges the senses in the most enchanting way.

Finish – The finish of this whisky is a testament to its depth and character. A charcoal burnt essence emerges, reminiscent of a smoldering campfire on a brisk evening. The peaty ginger notes add a layer of warmth and complexity, creating a sense of depth that lingers on the palate. The finish is neither fleeting nor abrupt; rather, it unfolds gradually, revealing its facets one by one. As the flavors gently fade, a medium-long, almost mystical finish takes hold, leaving an indelible impression that invites contemplation and reflection.

Character – In sum, this first fill Palo Cortado octave Caol Ila whisky is a sensory journey that marries sweet and smoky elements in a truly captivating way. Its aromatic nose, layered taste profile, and enchanting finish combine to create an experience that is both delightful and thought-provoking, offering whisky enthusiasts a moment of pure indulgence and exploration.

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